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REEL Become Working Partner for Verope

Friday 14th September 2018

REEL, have recently joined forces with Verope to provide, specialised wire rope sales and distribution. The new working partnership has been set up to meet customer’s demands offering the market a quality product at a competitive price.

In support of their client requirements, We will also offer a global reach service department for Verope from our base in Aberdeen. Services will include wire rope spooling, handling, installation, inspection, socketing and maintenance.

The wire ropes are made up of compacted strands, fully lubricated and layered with plastic between the steel core and the outer strands. They are designed and manufactured to the highest quality to give the best cost performance ratio compared to conventional wire ropes. In addition, they can withstand dynamic forces, provide maximum performance and operate smoothly. The high breaking load of Verope specialised wire ropes will give a competitive edge, allowing for a longer service life. Most importantly, they provide increased reliability by means of excellent quality and safety.

We believe in the excellent quality of the Verope product, the specialised design and the structural stability of the wire ropes that will provide effective long term high performance, longer service life, superior durability, safety and efficiency making the product stand out from other regular wire rope manufactures.

Our Wire Rope Services Department provide a bespoke comprehensive wire rope inspection and management service to support a variety of industries including, but not limited to, the offshore drilling and marine industry.