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REEL gain procedure approval from DNVGL for Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing of Bolts and Pins

Tuesday 15th May 2018

REEL were asked by their Client and DNVGL to carry out an inspection of crane bolts and pins as part of the class survey.

As part of this process we have been required to have a procedure approved by DNVGL to use Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing.

This is the first procedure of its kind approved by DNVGL and will allow Reel to carry out inspections of bolts and pins in situ eliminating the need to remove bolts to carry out the inspection.

This will offer the client a significant reduction in down time since bolts are inspected in situ. Only defective bolts will need to be removed. It also reduces the manpower requirement to the client.

The current method of inspection requires personnel to remove bolts and an NDT technician to carry out pre clean and inspection.

This new method requires only the NDT technician to carry out inspection.