Drilling Derrick & Mast Inspection

REEL carries out Derrick and Mast inspections in accordance with API RP 4G to ensure that all sections of a derrick are systematically examined by dividing it into small, manageable areas for a fully focused inspection.  

We conduct the work using our rope access qualified inspectors to carry out comprehensive close visual inspection of the derrick structure.

The thorough inspection process covers:

  • Gin pole construction, including platforms, ladders, braces safety gates, connection plates, bolts and fasteners
  • Upper and lower sections of the derrick stem, including all platforms, ladders, braces safety gates, connection plates, bolts and fasteners
  • Dolly track, including all beams and beam clamps
  • Dolly carriage guide rails, including upper, middle and lower sections
  • Racking board area, including support frames, fingers straightness, latches, fingerboard access and all bolts and fasteners
  • Derrick outfitting’s, including wind walls and any pipework, such as vent lines or HP mud lines
  • Derrick safety slings and lifting equipment
  • Derrick structure footings
  • Derrick general structural condition
  • Percentage bolt tightness check
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REEL gain procedure approval from DNVGL for Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing of Bolts and Pins

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Tuesday 15th May 2018